Healing and Art

Isolating myself does not lead to healing and good art. I don’t know if it’s been the lack of good sleeping or depression or frustration. But after this weekend, I went to a celebration of life of a gal who just is recovering from open heart surgery. Her friends were really loving and I loved being there. Then last night I got a really good night’s sleep. Boy, my mental attitude is so much better.
That is healing when you are around love and joy.

My husband works at home too. He has to deal with insurance companies on claims because he has a benefits company. So there is a lot of frustration coming from his office while I try to be peaceful and serene creating my art. What a juggling act.

I’m shifting into another stage but don’t know where it will lead me as far as the look of my art. I just finished 4 hard edged paintings because they are on doors. So they look entirely different. If I could just figure out how to add them on my blog.
Oh well, healing and art are the same in my book. What about you?

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