The Quest For Gold

Yes, the quest for gold in the title could mean looking for the money but I mean it in a different way. I’m questing for the gold in my heart and the creativity that comes out of my heart.
It comes from looking inside deeply of who I am on this journey. The refining of gold comes from terrific heat and how it stands up to the fire. So this journey is a thousand steps of standing in the fire and refining myself.

I’m a very prolific painter because I have lots of creative thoughts and have huge ideas for series. Okay, I stray off the mark because I either don’t have the room or the big substrates that I require for the images. What happens is that if I paint on paper I get very different looks than I do with canvas or masonite. So I come out with many different looks. Will people be able to recognize my work? Or am I fighting myself. The world is always looking for the latest in trends and not so much of content. So many products used today are not archival and will not last the test of time. Am I looking to be the new trend or something much longer lasting?
The quest for gold can mean that I’m looking in the wrong places.

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