"Hold On Tight To Your Dream"

A Saturn commercial has taken an old song “Hold On Tight To Your Dreams”. How true, true ,true. Without dreams we are just existing and not living. If you go to my website http://www.Landisart.com
and on the home page you’ll see “Creative Spirit” video. Click on that and you’ll see what I mean. Live for each moment. Be grateful. That will bring joy.

I can see that I’ve made made mistakes by taking myself too seriously and making working with computer and business as heavy duty and not as a challenge that I can do “with a song in my heart” just as much as painting and being creative. I’m being creative in everything I do. So what, that I can’t print my labels anymore I’ll just write them out by hand.

Being uncomfortable with a new challenge is supposed to be that way otherwise, I’d never grow.

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