I think I can, I think I can

My childhood was made up of “you can’t do”. Negativity hurts your soul if you hear it enough.  My journey started rocky but I don’t believe the negativity anymore. My soul is saying you can, you can just like the “Little Engine Who Could”. I was tender but I’m getting whole and strong. I’m a warrior. That is what an artist is, a warrior. Taking on your own inner voices and saying I believe in myself and my mission as an artist. I’ve had wonderful experiences so far and more coming. I’ve met some wonderful people and I was on the Hallmark Channel May 3, 2004 “When is A Maze Not a Maze”. See it on my website. I called it Creative Spirit video http://www.Landisart.com. I’m talking about listening to your heart.I’ll be teaching classes from time to time on “Rituals & Mandalas, A Centering for your Life”. If you are interested in that class let me know on my website contact page.So what to do about my “career”. I’m in my 60’s and I have a lot of living to do. What does your future look like? Just listen with your heart and let’s start a dialogue.  

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