A Balancing Act

Learning how to walk as a baby, a baby has take little steps. As a seven yr old girl after getting out of the hospital and gaining my limbs back I had learn to walk with my arm not working. It caused an imbalance and with a few concussions finally got myself going. I wanted to leap and twirl and run but I got that beat out of me. So what to do, I started to dance quietly. I love to dance. It gives me great joy and I feel alive when I dance. I was determined to be “normal”, whatever that means.

As an artist, I don’t feel normal either. But being an artist gives me great joy. The problem is an artist has to be a business person too. What a shock that was! After I had the classes, I put myself out there and approached a gallery on Main St in Scottsdale and entered a national watercolor show and I got in both. AH I said, I’ve arrived. Wrong, I just painted and let the gallery do the work for 3 years. But it wasn’t enough. Then the gallery moved off Main St. I had a solo show they put on in a nice restaurant. It was great looking. I was featured artist in a show. Then I got cocky when a gallery on Main St asked me to come aboard. Stupid is the word. I learned my lesson. Never let your ego get in the way of your career

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  1. LisaD Avatar

    Isn’t that the truth? Good for you for growing!

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