"Getting to Know Me" part two artist

Yes, there is a part two. This is the second part of my journey. I could fill it up with a lot of personal stuff but I don’t know what would be germaine about art. So let me know if I get too stuffy ha. I’m a grandmother ( no way you say). How did that happen so fast? Time keeps marching and we have to keep marching faster and faster as we get older. I’m marching to lots of tunes that I learned through the years. But I’m struggling to keep marching to my OWN tune.
When I say part two artist, I mean it. Doing art in my second half of my life is being like a whole new person. The passion and the ups and very downs feel like a roller coaster but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It drives my husband nuts sometimes and its not my hormones.
But on to art. Early on I realized that I couldn’t take the odor of oil paints and anything connected with oils. I could have gone on to watercolor but I liked working with acrylics because I could cover mistakes because I can’t hold my hand steady because of the physical problems. I really admire the foot and mouth artist who has to work with tremendous odds just to paint. They have a society called “Foot and Mouth Artists. Look them up on Google.

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  1. Janella Avatar

    I found it very interesting and timely that you said “like a roller coaster ride”. I’ve said that several times recently. I realize that life will never be easy. It hasn’t been and it’s not going to be easy…if we are to grow. There’s always a new twist or turn just around the bend…another trial that God will help us through.

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